Tractor manufacturing companies in Pakistan

Tractor manufacturing companies in Pakistan

Pakistan is best in manufacturing industry and it has maintained its best repute in all over the world due to its fast moving growth in manufacturing industries. Pakistan exports its tractor all over the world. Farms equipment increases the production level in the country and we can also sell them to others countries and it can also be a source of foreign exchange. There are a lot of manufacturing companies in Pakistan which are contributing their best services in farm sector and also increasing the expertise in manufacturing companies. These companies basically help to enhance the more production and growth.

There are basically two main companies who have maintained their good repute in the Tractor manufacturing sector and also to create more innovation and growth in manufacturing sector. These main companies are Millat Tractors and Al-ghazi tractor.

Millat Tractors:

Millat Tractor is the best tractor manufacturing company in Pakistan and basically it is the only one Massey Ferguson tractor manufacturing company in Pakistan. It is established in 1965. Millat tractor is nationalized company and all of its operation was performed by Pakistan Tractor Corporation and government decided to transferred the role of Pakistan Tractor Corporation to Millat tractor. Millat Company has maintained its repute by producing 42,500 tractors 2017 year. Company has become highest selling company of tractor in the Pakistan,


Millat Corporation is producing different types of products. Details are as follows


Al-Ghazi tractor:

Al-Ghazi NewHolland tractors manufactures in Pakistan. NewHolland tractors also called Fiat Tractors. It is established in Karachi in 1983. It was founded in partnership base and 50% of its shares are acquired by the Al-Futtaim group of Dobai. Al- ghazi is a big mega project in Pakistan and includes different models. This company has maintained its demand in a short time. Now it has become the best tractor company in Pakistan.




There are different types of product which is offered by ghazi and details are as follows

  • New Holland Dabung 85
  • New Holland 480S
  • New Holland 640S
  • New Holland Ghazi
  • New Holland 55-56
  • New Holland 60-56
  • New Holland 70-56(4WD)

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