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Clutch Assembly For Massey Ferguson

Clutch Assembly Massey Ferguson

Clutch Assembly For Massey Ferguson:

Clutch Assembly Massey Ferguson

We are not direct vendor of Massey Ferguson  of Clutch Assembly (We did not manufacturer of clutch assembly). But we get supply from original OEM of Massey Ferguson Company and supply to the wholesaler as well as Clutch Finger and Clutch Repair Kit.


12″ Dual clutch assembly kit. This assembly consists of a pressure plate assembly including pto plate, drive plate, release bearing and pilot bearing.

  • Pto plate: 25 spline
  • Main Drive plate: 10 spline
  • Assembly Size: 12″

Clutch Assembly Diagram

Series Model
MF 100 Series 135
MF 100 Series 148
MF 100 Series 158
MF 200 Series 230
MF 200 Series 240
MF 200 Series 245
MF 200 Series 250
MF 300 Series 340
MF 300 Series 350
MF 500 Series 550

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