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Ursus 2812 Features

Ursus 2812 specifications and price in Pakistan:

Ursus 2812 tractor has best engine that can run with full speed. It is more economically designed to meet the farmers demand. These tractors are basically designed by keeping in mind all the farmers need to perform perfectly in the farms.  This tractor has all the latest features which are exactly for the agricultural farms. It has also multiple dimensions.

Ursus 2812 is the most economical, versatile and all round tractor in 50HP range. Its rugged, maneuverable and compact with easy accessibility to service points.

Ursus 2812 Specification:
Spacer Spacer Between Centre Housing & Transmission Case Hence Longer
Wheel Base Long wheel base, 1930 Against 1892mm
Heavy Steering Spindle Dia 38mm Against 32mm
End Arm Steeing Heavier And Tougher End Arms
Tie-Rod Ends Heavier Tie-Rod End
Seat Elegant, Bigger And Cozy Seat Pan With Adjustable Suspension For Maximum Driver Comfort
Top Link Exclusive Design Top Link To Suit Multiple Operation
Powder Coated Sheet Metal Powder Coated Sheet Metal of Film Thickness 100 Microns Against Wet Painted Sheet Metal of Thickness 20-25 Microns
Fuel Injection Pump (Wsk) Original Branded WSK Dpa Fuel Injection Pump
Crankshaft Forged in En19c Crankshaft
Sheet Metal Sheet Metal Made Of 1.6mm Sheet Against 1mm
Heavy King Pin Heavier King Pin Of Dia 48mmm Against Dia 38mmm
Muffler Assembly Muffler Assembly 6 To 4 Baffles Agianst Single Baffle
Crown Wheel Pinion 6/37 Crown Wheel Pinion
Lights Made of Pure Acrylic Hence Guaranteed Against Fading
Harness Made From Original Gauge Wire For Better Conductivity
Dual Heavy Check Chain For Heavy Duty Operation
Tyres Rear 12.4 R28, Front 6.00-16 R28
Over All Weight 1670 kg
Fuel Tank Electro Galvanize Sheet Fuel Tank Against M.S. Fuel Tanks
Break pedals Steel Casted Pedals Erogonomically Designed
Technical Specifications:
Type URSUS 3250
Number of Cylinders 3
Injection Direct
Bore/Stroke 91.44/127 mm
Capacity 2502 cm³
Compression Ratio 6.875694444
Rated Engine Power at 2250 rev/min 50HP
Max Engine torque at 1790 173.5 Nm at 1300-1400 rev/min
Cooling System Water
Air Cleaner Two-Stage Oil Bath type with cyclone pre-cleaner
Battery 12V – 108 Ah
Alternator 12V – 44 A
Starter motor 12V – 2.2 kW
Type Dry, two-stage disc type
Gearbox Mechanical with sliding gears and reduction
Number of gears 8 forward / 2 rear
Rear Axle Final drive Gleason bevel gear
Differential lock Mechanical
1L        2L 2.25 km/h        3.29 km/h
3L        4L 4.50 km/h        6.04 km/h
1H        2H 8.98 km/h        13.17 km/h
3H        4H 17.99 km/h        24.15 km/h
1R        2R 3.06 km/h        12.23 km/h
Type Live PTO
PTO shaft speed/engine speed 540/1788 rev/min
PRO shaft diameter 35 mm
Number of splines 6
Functions Draft, position, response control
Standard Oil Flow 17 L/min
Nominal Presure in the quick coupling 19.2 Mpa
3-Point linkage Cat. II
Max. lift capacity 1330 kg
Type Mechanical
Main brake Dry, drum type brake independently operated
Parking brake Mechanical
Front 6.00 – 16 6PR
Rear 12.4 R28
Front 1350, 1500, 1800 mm
Rear 1350, 1372, 1502, 1652, 1782, 1806, 1936 mm
Length without/with front Draft, position, response control
Ballast weights 17 L/min
Height of silencers 19.2 Mpa
Width (1500 mm rear track) Cat. II
Wheelbase 1330 kg
Tractor ready to work without ballast weights 1670 kg
Fuel Tank 58L
Air Cleaner 0.5L
Engine sump 6.8L
Cooling system 10.2L
Transmission and hyd. 32L
Steering system 0.9L

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